We import the best sold products in Dominican republic
into Europe.

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helping retailers to differentiate their product range

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We offer only high quality products which are well seld in Dominican republic. Your customers here in Europe will love it too.


We import coffee from INDUBAN company. It’s on of the companies in the world which produces coffee from field to table. The company owns land and coffee planations. They control the processing, roasting, packaging and distribution too.


The Dominican republic is a rum power. We are preparing to import Dominican rums, which belong to the world’s top. Thanks to quality ingredients and traditional processing techniques, the rums are highly demanded by the customers.


We decided to specialize on importing of organic cacao from the Dominican republic, which has ideal ratio of price and quality. We believe that we will please all the lovers of this great and healthy food.

We import the best sold products in Dominican Republic into Europe. Why to cooperate with us? Because we represent some of the brands in whole Europe, so they cannot be bought anywhere else. Above of that we have most of the goods available in our warehouse, so we ship them immediately after order. Isn't that great?

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Dominican Products
Company CUPPRO, which runs Dominican Products wholesale, is purely czech company dealing with import of products from the Dominican republic into Europe.
Karel Navrátil - CUPPRO
Na Nové 1681/23
789 01 Zábřeh
The Czech republic
Tel.: +420 602 766 292
Tel.: +420 724 005 049 (English)
E-mail: cuppro@cuppro.cz